I'm a Writer| Director| Editor & Actor with a decade long experience of making films both in India and USA such as narratives, documentaries, corporate videos, music videos, commercials, wedding videos, theater plays & infomercials.  Won several national and international film awards too.


I'm trained Indian Classical music as vocalist and Western music in rhythm guitars. I’ve given many solo and band performances as a Singer and Rhythm Guitarist. A few famous places I’ve performed are Natrani, Cafe Unplugged, Rifle Club and Karnavati Club. Love to play Folk, Sufi, Country, Thrash Metal and Old Rock & Roll style of music.

I consider myself a Story Teller. I have many stories to tell based on my beliefs and the experiences over the journey. I love to exchange stories and through them make the most out of our lives. And the best way to express them I found in this fantastic film craft which combines both audio and visual mediums. Being a team player my wish is to work on such stories and keep the audience mesmerized for the years to come.

-Shaan Memon