Filmmaker | Actor | Singer Shaan I Memon was born in Ahmedabad, India to Nartan Rajpriya, a lecturer of geography. And Ibrahim Memon, a fashion designer, businessman and visiting faculty in well known design institutes in India.

Since Childhood he was interested in music and storytelling. And he was very much mesmerized by the films of great filmmakers such as George Lucas and Raj Kapoor.

Got his BFA in Film & Video Design from MIT Institute of Design, Pune, India And MFA in Motion Pictures & Television from Academy of Art University, San Francisco, USA

Started making films in 2006. He has worked on different styles and genres of films such as narratives, documentaries, corporate videos, music videos & infomercials.

He has given many solo and band performances as a vocalist and guitarist. A few famous places he has performed are Natrani, Cafe Unplugged, Rifle Club and Lions Club of Karnavati. Loves to play Folk, Sufi, Country, Thrash Metal and Old Rock & Roll style of music.

He has won many international and national level awards and nominations including the prestigious Remi Award for his highly conceptual Films & Music both.​

"I consider myself a Story Teller. And my tool is the fantastic medium of film craft which combines both audio and visuals. I have many stories to tell and my wish is to mesmerize the audience for the years to come."
- Shaan I Memon


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